Resources to Download

PDF File of Notes to accompany 'The Apostles Creed' sermon series (2014)

The Apostles Creed - Notes


Powerpoint Files to accompany 'The Lord's Prayer' sermon series (April-June 2016)

Lord's Prayer 1 - Introduction

Lord's Prayer 2 - Our Father in heaven

Lord's Prayer 3 - Your kingdom come

Lord's Prayer 4 - Give us this day our daily bread

Lord's Prayer 5 - Forgive us our sins

Lord's Prayer 6 - Lead us not into temptation

Lord's Prayer 7 - For Yours is the Kingdom


PDF Files of Notes of 'Jesus's Parables' sermon series (May-July 2017)

The Hidden Treasure & the Pearl of Great Price - 21 May 2017


ELIM Leaders Summit 9-11 May 2017: Talks & Videos

You can download and listen to the main talks via this link: ELS17Talks 

Some of the Celebration meetings are available to watch on YouTube. You can access these here: ELS17 on YouTube