Sunday Services


What we do: Our morning service usually begins with a time of praise, worship and prayer (including the Lord’s Prayer), followed by sharing the Lord’s Supper together, a reading from the Bible, and a sermon. During the service we collect an offering to support the work of the church.

Children: ‘E-merge’ group for school-aged children takes place each Sunday from about 11.00am till the end of the morning service in our lower floor classrooms. Parents with younger children below school-age who need to take them out of the service can either sit with them in the glazed lobby and still hear and see what is happening in the service or make use of the 'Back Room' Creche facility.

Songs & Music: We use a wide range of hymns and songs in our sung worship that reflects the multi-age and multi-cultural nature of our congregation. We believe in the value of simple choruses and traditional hymns as well as more up to date worship songs.

Lord’s Supper/Communion: Each Sunday we share bread and wine (non-alcoholic) together to remember that our Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, and to proclaim his resurrection from the dead. We welcome everyone who has accepted Jesus as their Saviour to share this celebration with us.

Bibles: If you don’t have a Bible, or have left yours at home you can use a Bible from the shelf in the front lobby.

Dress Code: There is no requirement to wear any special clothing to come to our meetings. God is more concerned with our hearts than our outward appearance!

Refreshments: Tea and coffee is usually served after the morning service. If you are a visitor please stay and say hello!



Our evening meeting is usually either a shorter service of worship and Bible teaching, or a special meeting such as a Prayer and Praise event, a Healing Service, or a Discussion/Question and Answer session. Occasionally we celebrate the Lord’s Supper in the evening service.