Autumn 2017 Preaching Series

Sunday Mornings: The Book of Ruth

On most Sunday mornings during August to October we'll be looking at the Old Testament Book of Ruth.

The story of Ruth, Boaz and Naomi is an oasis of joy and hope set in the long history of God's ancient people Israel. Beginning with a tragic situation of family loss, the book draws out two significant Biblical themes: God's loving sovereignty and providence, especially as worked out for His people, and the profound significance of obedient, Godly behaviour by those same people.

Boaz and Ruth are also important characters as ancestors of Jesus Christ, according to his human nature, and they demonstrate for us the wonderful relationship of Jesus, the Son of God, and his own beloved bride, the Church.


Sunday Evenings: Great Old Testament Words

This new preaching series starts on 10 September and gives us the chance to look at some of the most important Bible words from the Old Testament. God is a God who speaks and He has chosen certain words in Scripture to reveal His character and purposes.

The words we will investigate are:

September 10      Kindness

September 17      God's Name, YHWH

October 8            Holiness

October 15          Righteousness

November 5         Glory

November 12       Adam

December 3         Covenant

December 10       Servant.